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The caste of wizards, with boats hanging on hot air balloons, invades the peaceful Orchidea Archipelago.

On board one of these flying boats, an argument breaks out between the evil emperor and his daughter who jumps overboard and who, by a miracle, is recovered by a girl riding a dragon: Ariane (it's you!) .

You fall in a desert, your dragon is wounded and the girl of the emperor fled in a maze of caves, it remains of her only her sword that you pick up (but it is not the only one weapon you will find!)

You go looking for him this is how your adventure begins full of twists and incipient encounter with the fantastic beings that populate this imaginary world.

Ariane Odyssey is an hand draw gigantic and various metroidvania. You will fight, buy potions and magic powers, find new weapons and secret paths…

Easy to play, you can let your children play this magical game alone or play with them to discover this enchanting world full of varied ideas and fairy creatures.(and lots of secret passages! )

Playable using the Keyboard.


-Move, arrow keys

-Jump, shift

-Attack, ctrl


Spoil! Below the guide to complete the game:


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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